I work in all golds and platinum. I am always glad to give advice on styles of rings and diamonds. Choosing a diamond can be confusing - with this in mind I have put together this guide to point out the most important aspects of this amazing stone.

Diamonds were formed deep underground between 50 million and 3 billion years ago. It was then as the crystal was forming that the value of the stone is determined.

The grading of a diamond has been put into four categories known as the 4 C's. Colour, clarity, cut and carat. I list these categories in order of importance.

If the diamond is of a low colour, the stone will never appear brilliant in natural light, no matter how clean it is. Colourless or white diamonds sparkle even in bad light conditions.

Colours range from:
D - Colourless - Expensive | Z - Yellow - Cheap

Diamonds normally contain small traces of uncrystalised carbon known as 'inclusions'. These can be tiny and invisible to the naked eye, or huge and completely fill up the stone making it dull. The rarest stones are completely flawless and demand much higher prices.

This is the only influence man has on the value of a diamond. The aim is to cut and polish the rough into a stone that 'bounces' the light which enters the stone, giving it maximum 'fire' and brilliance.

The term carat is often confused with the carat used in gold. In diamonds it simply means a measure of weight and size.

When buying a diamond these four characteristics go to make up the cost of the stone. You can choose to pick a stone of maybe a high colour but perhaps with slightly larger inclusions to give a bright stone at a lower cost. At the end of the day its your diamond.

For peace of mind I can also supply certified diamonds. This means the stone has been sent to an independent laboratory to be tested and graded and this report is then sold along with the stone

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