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I also manufacture wedding rings and other jewellery on a "made to order" basis. Because no expensive stock is held, prices again are much lower than a high street jewellers. Customers can choose from gold plated samples held at the workshop or from pictures etc.

Each ring is hand made to the exact requirements of the customer and take up to 2 to 3 weeks allowing for hallmarking. I recommend making an appointment at least 6 weeks to 2 months before the wedding. By having your rings made to order you can be more involved in the design process. My customers often mix and match from my samples or from pictures/drawings. Deciding on what colour gold, how wide, how many diamonds, flat or barelled etc.

I am always happy to give advice. The most important thing is to make the rings strong. A wedding ring is a unique piece of jewellery in that it is worn everyday and for life. All of the rings that I make are at least 1.5mm thick to ensure they stand the test of time.

Another very important aspect is how the ladies wedding ring fits with the engagement ring; if the two do not sit well together they will rub and over the years will wear. I can shape or cut the wedding ring to fit, i.e:

I would normally only need the engagement ring for a couple of hours to do this work.

The cost of these ring varies and depends on several factors such as finger size, style and which type of gold or platinum you choose. A rough guide can be found below.

White Gold

In recent years white gold has become very popular, but some people have experienced problems with the jewellery "changing colour". This is because the Rhodium coating on their rings wears off leaving the real colour of the gold showing. White gold is made by mixing pure yellow gold with white metals, i.e. Silver, Nickel and a metal called Palladium. The success of the "whiteness" depends on the quantities of these white metals. To cut costs some manufacturers use cheaper alloys i.e. more silver. This results in a yellowish white colour. They then coat the whole ring with Rhodium to make it look fantastically white (which it does to start with), but unfortunately this soon wears off. All of the white gold I buy has a high Palladium content. This eliminates the need to Rhodium plate. The rings I make will not change colour!


Platinum comes out of the ground as a naturally white metal, therefore is excellent for making jewellery from and is extremely hard wearing, and as the platinum is used in this country is 95% pure it has proven to be good for people who suffer from skin allergies.

I now also supply Palladium wedding rings to order. Palladium is found while mining Platinum. It is 95% pure, is cheaper than 18ct white gold and is naturally white in colour.

Finger size L - P 4mm wide

 9ct  £170
 Palladium  £230
 18ct  £310
 22ct  £400
 Platinum  £530

Finger size U - X 6mm wide

 9ct  £225
 Palladium  £370
 18ct  £475
 22ct  £600
 Platinum  £850

The above prices are for plain, heavy-weight bands at least 1.5mm thick. The prices will change as the cost of gold and platinum goes up and down.

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I am now in my 28th year. I make jewellery on a "to order" basis. Diamonds and gemstones are sourced according to your own requirements and price range.
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